Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lovin' Leather

Leather has got to be my favorite thing to paint. It is quick and easy to make it look fabulous. To see what the leather looked like previous to the first step here, just look at any of the previous "Jarl" posts. First I mixed some mixing medium and water with bloodtracker brown. I applied this on all areas except in the deeper crevices, blending it in a bit as I went along. I should note that I used some straight paint to get the richer color and then used the mixture to blend it.

Next I used umberal umber to blend the darker areas. this is the same color that I used to do the original wash.

And then I dry brush blended on some Rucksack Tan. What is drybrush blending? It is a term I made up. Basically you use a flat tipped brush and load it with paint. Wipe some of it off, so it has quite a bit more paint on it than if you were drybrushing. Have a fat, wet brush nearby to blend.

I got some of the lighter paints in the stitching area. So I used a tiny bit of umbral umber mixed with the mixing medium to do a little wash in there. Using my finger I quickly wiped off the excess while the wash was still wet, this removed the dark wash from the raised areas, while leaving it in the cracks.

Finally I used a very very dry and light dry brush in Jack Bone to pick out highlights.

Walla! Nice leather look in less than an hour. I had time to work on some more of the details.

*Note* I did all of the dark colored leather as I went along including the gloves and straps.

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