Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jarl goes PLAID

I didn’t do any painting on Thursday, but I painted for more than 2 hours yesterday. I am not going to post every step in detail because it takes way too long to upload all of the pictures and it interferes with my work to stop and take pictures every few minutes. Here is Jarl before I started painting

It was easy to complete the armor. First I applied a coat of “Pig Iron” Next I did a wash with pure “Armor Wash”( I want the armor to be shiny) third I dry brushed some “Quick Silver” and lastly I dry brushed some highlights on with “quick silver” mixed with “Glorious Gold”.

Next came the difficult part. I pictured Jarl with plaid from the beginning. I pulled out my little boy’s red plaid pajama pants for reference. Using my reaper master series 30-0 brush and Vallejo Game Color paints I went to work. I like the Game Color paints for painting fine lines because they are thinner than the P3 paints. We don’t have these paints in stock at Phoenix Games, but they are available for special order. I always end up with paint on my hands when doing detail work, because skin is the best thing you can use to wipe off excess paint.

before after

before after

Not that I am really good at painting small straight lines, but I’ll give you some tips that help. First and foremost keep an eraser near by. The eraser should be a small wet brush with semi-stiff bristles, I use my old worn out dry brushing brush. as soon as you make a mistake rub the wet paint with the eraser brush, you need to be quick since the tiny amount of paint will dry fast. A good quality detail brush is crucial. The other thing that helps, or maybe hurts is having a high resolution camera, or a good magnifying glass. After taking pictures I zoomed in and found that the plaid looked crappy. That’s why I say maybe it hurts. So I spent another half hour touching up the plaid. It still looks far from perfect, but I don’t think anyone will be inspecting it with a magnifying glass.


Kristen said...

Wow, such detail. You really are good at this. Emily will love your tips and maybe someday she can paint small stuff like this. She would love it. Thanks for telling us how you do it.

Jamie said...

Totally awesome, Marie. Lovin' the plaid.

Marie said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like it because it took way longer than I had anticipated.