Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Purple Skin

Today I pulled out Old Jarl to work on him for one hour (my goal is to work on him for at least one hour each day until he’s finished). I began by finishing up the washing, which included the base and just a couple spots I missed. Then I decided to work on his skin. I wanted it to be a dark charcoal-ish purple. I included the paints and brushes in each photo that I used for each step.

Step 1:
First I brushed a coat of purple onto his skin.

I watered it down so the black wash would show through.

Step 2:

Next I mixed grey and purple and applied a light coat,

keeping it out of the deeper cracks.

Step 3:
I added some black and mixing medium to the purple and did a little wash.

Step 4:

Then I added some grey and white and dry brushed it on.

Step 5:
To bring out more detail I did a second drier dry brushing with more white in the mixture.

Well that wasn’t the look I wanted. It was too light and chalky. So I did a wash with the P3 armor wash. I almost always add some water to any of the inks I use, because if I don’t they dry looking really shiny, which I don’t like. At this point I was starting to get sick of stopping and taking pics of each step, but it is a great illustration about how much trial and error happens in my work. I rarely get the figure looking right the first time, but the layers of color give my work a unique look of depth. The best example of this is the Larris figure I painted. Check out his picture in the post “Epic Kaya and Larris” look at him closely, There were at least 20 steps, and at some points it looked awful, but there was no other way to get the end result.

Step 6:

After the armor wash Jarl looks dark indeed.

The purple is present but not so dominant.

Step 7:

So next I did what I’ll call a wet/dry brush. Using a flat tipped brush loaded with just enough paint to go on smoothly, I lightly brush the figure. Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy because it is a dark cloudy day, my camera does not have a super low f stop, I don’t want a ton of grain in the picture produced by a high ISO and I have no tri pod to stabilize the slower shutter speed.

Step 8:
Finally I added some white and grey and did a couple of dry brushings. Sorry I didn’t take pics of each dry brush step I did, but it was basically the same as the dry brushes in steps 4 and 5. This time I used less white and made sure there was not too much paint on the brush.

When the skin was done I did a little detail work on the mouth, adding a golden tooth for fun! Don’t worry, I plan on doing the rocks on his skin a different color, I just haven’t decided what color to paint them yet.

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TheGreatBlah said...

hah, that golden tooth is pretty rad.